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Tour the Main Square in the center of The Hague was constructed in 1632

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Guided Tours to The Square in The Hague

The Square right next to the Inner Court in The Hague used to be the Count of Holland's vegatable garden !


At the bottom West corner of the Square Constantijn Huygens built a house between 1634-1637. He lived there with his genius son Christiaan Huygens. The Huygens house was demolished in 1876 and replaced by the incredibly detailed masonary of the offices and courtroom of the Dutch Ministry of Justice by architect C.H. Peters, designed in neo-Renaissance style and can still be seen in all its glory today.


On the top East corner, the Logement Amsterdam was built in 1737 in Baroque style which was used by the representatives of Amsterdam when they came to The Hague to meet with Government officials during the Republic. High in the facade you can still see the 3 X’s of the Amsterdam coat of arms.


In the middle of the square on a high pedestal stands a statue of William of Orange sculpted by Louis Royer. In his left hand, the prince is holding a document containing the names of the towns that began the uprising against the Spanish which later became known as the 80 year war. At his right leg is his trusted dog that helped prevent one of the many murder attempts on his life.


The statue was unveiled in 1848. During the redevelopment of the square the statue was given a quarter turn, and since then the Prince does not look at the Inner Court anymore, but to towards Delft, the scene of his final murder attempt – but that’s another story…


Because of the proximity of the Inner Court of the Dutch Parliament (a.k.a. Binnenhof) the 'Parliament' Square is often used as a place for political protests and demonstrations. There are also many fine Restaurants, Cafes and Terraces around the Square making it one of the best places to sit, eat, and drink when visiting The Hague (also known as Den Haag).